The silencing of journalists and students

According to CPJ Ethiopia has the second highest rate of imprisoned journalists and bloggers. Only our neighbour Eritrea has more journalists behind prison walls. Detention under false accusation is not new in our country.

Eskinder Nega is just one among many others. Before some months, Ethiopian government imprisoned six bloggers and three others in connection with their journalistic work. And just last week the editor-in-chief of the magazine Enku, Mr. Elias Gebru was arrested by the police.

Next to arrests without any charge, Ethiopia is famous for student demonstrations and protest movements. Universities are birthplaces of rethinkers, places of change. The Addis Ababa regime knows this very well and to protect it´s opinion, it sends government forces to nip the demonstrations in the bud, like it happened in the protest, started at Ambo University on April 25 this year. The killing of unarmed protesters caused a great concern among many Ethiopians. When we take a look on Ethiopia today, we see of course an enormously grown higher education system. That innocent students experience daily oppression in it, is a fact and not an achievement.

Ethiopian government can try to suppress other opinions, but it can´t try this forever!!!

For more information about Elias Gebru click the link below:

For more information about the student protest at Ambo University click here:


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Take part! - 17 May 2014 / Munich

Take part! – 17 May 2014 / Munich